refillable vapes Coil Resistance: Must-Understand Basics for Custom Builds

refillable vapes coil resistance refers to the electrical resistance measured in ohms (ฮฉ) of the wire used in a refillable vapes coil. The coil resistance plays a critical role in determining the vaping experience, including vapor production, flavor intensity, and battery life. Here are key basics you need to know about refillable vapes coil resistance for custom coil builds:

1. What is Coil Resistance?

  • Definition: Coil resistance is the measure of how much a wire impedes the flow of electrical current.
  • Measurement: Resistance is measured in ohms (ฮฉ) and indicates the level of heat produced by the coil when electricity passes through it.

2. Types of Coil Wire

  • Kanthal: A popular choice for standard vaping coils due to its durability and consistent performance.
  • Nichrome: Offers faster ramp-up time and is suitable for both variable wattage and temperature control vaping.
  • Stainless Steel (SS): Versatile wire that can be used in wattage mode and temperature control mode.
  • Ni200 (Nickel) and Titanium (Ti): Reserved for temperature control vaping due to their low resistance and sensitivity to heat.

3. Effect of Coil Resistance on Vaping

  • Low Resistance (Sub-Ohm):
    • Produces more vapor and warmer refillable vapes.
    • Requires higher wattage and may drain battery faster.
    • Intensifies flavor but can generate more heat.
  • High Resistance (Above 1.0ฮฉ):
    • Generates less vapor and cooler refillable vapes.
    • Requires lower wattage and conserves battery

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